Openbsd port - arm

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Openbsd port - arm

Search everywhere only in this topic. Advanced Search. Classic List Threaded. MX6" is listed as supported on the armv7 page, but I'm unable to get it working because of the EFI interface requirement for the firmware.

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Would love to know if there are other ways to boot in. Matthieu Herrb Jonathan Gray You need to use the u-boot from ports. I haven't tried to upgrade to a more recent u-boot. Can you show the u-boot environment?

In reply to this post by Matthieu Herrb Thanks so much for your help! I'll try it out and let you know how it goes. I see on OpenPorts.

openbsd port - arm

Not sure if that's referring to the architecture of the compiling machine or the machine we're compiling for. Anyways, thanks so much for the help. Have a great day sir! Sorry I'm very new to u-boot The way u-boot works with almost all the other targets is that if there is no boot script found it will search for efi.

This will still require a version of u-boot that has bootefi. All, Here are the fruits of my experimentation.

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Step 1: Compiled u-boot from ports without specifying any flavor on 6. At the end of the compilation, there were a series of errors that didn't seem to affect anything afterwards. This one checks all available dtype's and disks instead of being bound to one.

Remember to have another empty storage device to install OpenBSD onto. Thank you all for your wonderful help. Happy to be running my favorite OS on my Sabre Lite.

Tell me if anything else is needed for the patches and docs! That appears to be what matthieu is using as well. That's why I made the change to my script and would love if you could take a look at that! Sebastian Benoit Hi, i tried to follow your instructions, but cant get get things to work: i upgraded to the uboot in current ports.

U-Boot Jonathan Gray [hidden email] on MX6Q rev1. I probably did an environment reset back then. I have a sabre lite board running at home. My notes below are from last july. Things may have changed a bit.GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

openbsd port - arm

If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. Skip to content. Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

Sign up. Public git conversion mirror of OpenBSD's official cvs ports repository. Pull requests not accepted - send diffs to the ports mailing list.

Makefile Branch: master.

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Find file. Sign in Sign up. Go back. Launching Xcode If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. Latest commit. Latest commit 6fb Apr 19, Documentation for the ports tree: ports 7packages 7mirroring-ports 7library-specs 7bsd.

You signed in with another tab or window. Reload to refresh your session. You signed out in another tab or window. Update blosc to 1. Apr 7, Update to stellarium Mar 30, Apr 18, Update siege to 4. Apr 1, Jan 26, Mar 20, Remove patch.The various open source BSD projects generally develop the kernel and userland programs and libraries together, the source code being managed using a single central source repository.

FreeBSD aims to make an operating system usable for any purpose. It is intended to run a wide variety of applications, be easy to use, contain cutting edge features, and be highly scalable on very high load network servers. However, they sometimes accept non-disclosure agreements NDAs and include a limited number of closed-source HAL modules for specific device drivers in their source tree, to support the hardware of companies who do not provide purely open source drivers such as HALs to program software-defined radios so that[citation needed] vendors do not share their proprietary algorithms.

From on, most of the kernel was fine-locked and scaling improvements started to be seen. Other recent work includes Common Criteria security functionality, such as mandatory access control and security event audit support. OpenBSD aims at security, correctness, and being as free as possible. NDAs are never considered acceptable. Many of these are designed to replace restricted alternatives. The reason for this is not wholly clear, although there are claims that it was due to personality clashes within the NetBSD project and on its mailing lists.

In Septemberthe BSD Certification Group, after advertising on a number of mailing lists, surveyed 4, BSD users, 3, of whom took the survey in English, to assess the relative popularity of the various BSD operating systems. Note that there was no control group or pre-screening of the survey takers. DistroWatch, well known in the Linux community and often used as a rough guide to free operating system popularity, publishes page hits for each of the Linux distributions and other operating systems it covers.

When compared with the other prevalent method of software installation on FreeBSD, compiling ports with the Ports Collection, using packages provides a simpler and faster alternative that works in many situations. Packages, however, are not as flexible as ports because package installations cannot be customized—if you have the need to customize the compilation options of your software installations, use ports instead of packages.

Installing FreeBsd Let us start the installation. Download the latest FreeBSD version from here. You will see the FreeBSD installer menu. Let us go with the default option, Install. Press Enter to select the default option. Next we need to partition our hard disk to install FreeBSD.Search everywhere only in this topic.

openbsd port - arm

Advanced Search. Classic List Threaded. Luiz Gustavo dos S. Orange PI Zero. Hello list, Yesterday, received a new board to a lab with Linux for a product, but, my principal intencion is use with OpenBSD. My question is: How to begin make a debug to solution to this panic? Where to start? What do i have to change? Ok, ok I know i need the sources, etc Jonathan Gray Re: Orange PI Zero. Daniel Bolgheroni In reply to this post by Luiz Gustavo dos S.

I will post the full dmesg when I get access to the board again. Mark Kettenis. That requires rebuilding u-boot. In reply to this post by Mark Kettenis. Thanks Mark, with this patch, now boot is working. But without disk detected. I nstall, U pgrade, A utoinstall or S hell?Search everywhere only in this topic. Advanced Search. Classic List Threaded.

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Archzilon Eshun-Davies Hi Has anyone tried running openbsd on raspberry pi model b? Regards -- I have seen the Future and I want to code it. Hi Fred Can I get soe guidance to make this happen.

Hannu Vuolasaho. It shows up in dmesg. I would like to have some help. Do I have to make a lot of changes for it? And yes it is old Artturi Alm.

Mark Kettenis. In reply to this post by Hannu Vuolasaho. Juan J. Hi, Have there been any progress in this regard?

I would love to help out if it hasn't. Also, what about the wireless interface, is it supported? Jonathan Gray Michael Plura.

Karel Gardas. Although speed difference is not that big it still may be more convenient to run with just single uSD instead of the pair of two uSDs so I'd like to give it a try too Thanks, Karel.Please note that while the majority of the NetBSD mailing lists are normally unmoderated, there are circumstances which will occasionally cause a mailing list to be moderated by its manager. Mails longer than 40KB or mails with HTML attachments will get blocked and eventually rejected by the mailing list owners.

Any and all posts to our mailing lists are archived across the internet virtually forever and are impossible for us to remove. Please consider any content, including the email address used to post to the list, as public information. You may also wish to consider this when engaging in personal conversations with other members on the public mailing lists.

Skip to main content. NetBSD mailing lists Introduction. Note Any and all posts to our mailing lists are archived across the internet virtually forever and are impossible for us to remove. Note This list supersedes the amigaamiga-devand amiga-x lists. Note This list supersedes both the macbsd-general and macbsd-development lists.

Note It has been obsoleted by port-amiga.

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Note It has been obsoleted by port-m68k. Note It has been obsoleted by port-mac68k. Note Use the netbsd-users list instead. Note Job listings have pretty solidly moved to the web these days. Note Moved to blog smostly. Note Use the tech-kern list instead. Note Use the port-mips list instead. Since the NetBSD-current tree is a quickly moving target, please confirm any problems with the latest tree before posting.

All NetBSD bug reports sent with send-pr 1 appear here. As a large number of subscribers receive this list, please use your good judgement when posting. Technical discussion related to the development and design of NetBSD itself aren't appropriate on this list and are better voiced in a more narrowly-focused technical list.

Please do not report your bugs here. It is also available in digest formmeaning one daily message containing all commit messages for changes to the package source tree in that 24 hour period. General announcements or proposals for changes that impact the pkgsrc user community, e. This repository is open to all contributors, TNF member or not.

Security Advisories and Security Notes. The tech-security mailing list can be used for discussing security issues related to NetBSD. It is also available in digest formmeaning one daily message containing all commit messages for changes to the source tree in that 24 hour period. Note that this list is not archived on mail-index.

If you have problems installing NetBSD, see netbsd-users instead! There is also a port-arm list for questions related to all ARM based ports. There is also a port-m68k list for questions related to all Motorola 68k based ports.

There are lists for the individual ports and they should be used for port-specific questions and information: port-acorn32port-catsand port-hpcarm. There is also a port-powerpc list for questions related to all PowerPC based ports.Contributed by pitrh on from the Pi the puffy birdhouse dept. So I have this empty white birdhouse-like thing in the yard, open at the front. It was intended to house the wireless remote temperature sensor from a low-cost weather station, which had previously been mounted on a dark-colored wall of the house reading were really high when the sun reached that side of the house!

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But when I put the sensor into the birdhouse, the signal is too weak for the weather station to receive it the mounting post was put in place by a previous owner of our property, and is set deeply in concrete. So the next plan was to pop in a tiny OpenBSD computer with a uthum 4 temperature sensor and stream the temperature over WiFi. The Raspberry Pi computers are interesting in their own way: intending to bring low-cost computing to everybody, they take shortcuts and omit things that you'd expect on a laptop or desktop.

They aren't too bright on their own: there's very little smarts in the board compared to the "BIOS" and later firmwares on conventional systems. Some of the "smarts" are only available as binary files. This was part of the reason that our favorite OS never came to the Pi Party for the original rpi, and didn't quite arrive for the rpi2. With the rpi3, though, there is enough availability that our devs were able to make it boot.

Some limitations remain, though: if you want to build your own full release, you have to install the dedicated raspberrypi-firmware package from the ports tree.

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And, the boot disks have to have several extra files on them - this is set up on the install sets, but you should be careful not to mess with these extra files until you know what you're doing! It's aimed at people that have already installed OpenBSD on their laptop, desktop, server, or other computer a few times. So we don't cover the basics of running the OpenBSD installer - this is not an ideal first platform to install on. But wait! The hardworking OpenBSD developers on this platform have done some great work getting things going thanks guys!

As for when, and in what order, progress will come: 'Things happen when they happen. But wait - there's more! I was able to do the install, and boot it, once when I captured the dmesg output shown below. After that, it failed - the boot process hung with the ever-unpopular "scanning usb for storage devices Same results.

After considerable wasted time, I found a post on RPI's own site which dates back to the early days of the PI 3, in which they admit that they took shortcuts in developing the firmware, and it just can't be made to work with the Kingston DataTraveler! Not having any of the "approved" devices, and not living around the corner from a computer store, I switched to a Sabrent USB dock with a GB Western Digital disk, and it's been rock solid.

Too big and energy-hungry for the final project, but enough to show that the rpi3 can be solid with the right solid-state disk.

And fast enough to build a few simple ports - though a lot will not build yet. Figure 2. Note that some cables have the 4 or 5 wires baked into a single inline connector; you instead want the one that has them separated out, as in the photo. Note also that this is the same cable you'd want for the same purpose to set up, e.

This card can be almost any capacity, as the miniroot is under 20MB. Note very carefully what SD drive this creates, by looking in the console output or in dmesg. If I were to make the error of typing the wrong disk number in the next few steps, it would completely destroy my working system, so when I say "double check", just do it, ok? The name "sd1" tells us it's the second SD drive they number from zero, of course.

ASUS Tinker Board

Double check the sd drive number, then copy the miniroot filesystem to the SD card check it again before you press Return. On OpenBSD the "c" partition of a hard disk refers to the entire disk, so we use "rsd1c". Power up! The red LED should come on. You should see some chatter from u-boot, the low-level boot process. I suggest you use the port nearest the Wired Ethernet jack, in case you plug in a second USB drive containing the install sets this will make your install target sd0 and your sets drive sd1.

Select Install. Fill in the first few choices as you wish.

openbsd port - arm


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